Connecting my rasberry pi


I am experiencing a lot of difficulty setting up my raspberry pi I recently purchased.

In summary I can’t see an IP address for the pi to connect to Putty. I have downloaded the raspberry pi software and loaded it onto the SD card and inserted into the pi.
It was recommended I install Bonjour but that has not helped. I have also downloaded the app Network Analyser and cannot see an ip address for the Pi here either and it is powered on.?

Can someone please assist me with what issues might be going on here?

Any assistance would be appeciated.

Thank you,


Hi Nathan,

A few questions:
Which pi do you have?
Which image did you flash to the SD card?
How is it connected to your network? Ethernet or WiFi?
If wifi, did you set up the access point you’re connecting to in Raspberry Pi Imager? You could check this by re-flashing the sd-card.
Are you sure the pi is booting?
Are any lights showing on the pi?

When I’ve had problems finding my Pi on the network, I’ve found the easiest thing to do is login to the router and have a look at the devices connected to it. That should tell you the IP address of the Pi.

Try plugging it into a monitor while it starts up so you can see what’s going on. You will need an adaptor to go from the micro HDMI (or mini HDMI if it’s a pi zero) to regular HDMI to do that.

Finally, what guide were you following?


Along with all the suggestions in the previous reply, I’ll also suggest you to change/check the ethernet cable that you’re using. That can be bad too.


Hi Nathan,

I’ve removed your phone number from your post as the forum is open to the whole internet and you don’t want to end up on a spam caller’s list.

@Doug27394 has covered the basic troubleshooting steps, we can provide more specific advice once we know what kind of Pi you have and how you’re trying to set it up.

If you are trying to setup “headless” without a display there are a few steps which if missed will mean the Pi won’t fully boot and have an IP address so it’s easier to setup using a monitor the first time for less experienced Pi users.


Hi All
Could it be possible the wrong TYPE of cable is being used.

I could be (probably am) wrong here but don’t some cables have crossed connections and some haven’t. I have never gone into this as I hav usually used any cables that come with any equipment. ie; follow the directions like use the blue cable for this connection and the yellow for that connection and so on. I just realised in all my years of project work involving design of installation and commissioning and all in between I have never had to make up a network cable. I will do some research on this for my own satisfaction.
Cheers Bob

As far as I can remember, I used a straight- though cable for this purpose. The matter sometimes can be mind boggling. Some tutorials use straight-through cables, some use crossover cables. Can’t say which is gonna work for you.

Thanks for the info Doug. After troubleshooting it seemed to be a wifi hotspot issue, but have it sorted now thanks for response



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Hi Nathan,

Glad to hear you’re back up and running and it wasn’t an issue with the hardware itself.

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