Controlled RasPi shutdown on sudden power loss

Hi, I’m looking to enable a controlled RasPi shutdown upon sudden power loss when car ignition is turned off on a RasPi, GPS Pi-screen application that needs to be very reliable. I’ve been looking reliable, long term, (3 to 5yr), cheap, simple, smallish plugin pcb solution.

Two options appear available; RasPi script to sense when power is suddenly disconnected, then temporary power supply via battery or SuperCap option.

After doing the research, I think a RasPi Supercap solution is the best option. If a unit has a rechargeable battery then it has to be charged at the very first power up to be reliable from the very start and this may not happen.

So anyone know of a board with supercaps, other than these ones ? ( possible option ) (simple, reliable, safe?) (expensive, overcomplicated) (circuit only, possible, not tested)

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi Charles,

I think I would go after this problem with this:

A small lipo battery:

and follow this tutorial:

You are probably better off using a battery, and following the tutorial to create a safe shutdown whenever the power from the car is lost. These boost chargers are should switch without a pause between power supplies. I’m not sure how you would get it to turn back on though when the car starts back up. I imagine you would work with the enable pin to make that happen though.

Good luck with your project!

Thank you for the suggestion.