Safe Shutdown for InLine USB Power Cable


I was wondering if anyone is using a safe shutdown script with the USB-C In-Line Power Switch Cable For Raspberry Pi 4, or even if it’s possible. I have a Retroflag NESPi Case and use a safe shutdown switch and wondering if there is something similar for an in-line power switch cable.



Have you taken a look at the tutorials below, they should help you get started in setting your project up.

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Core Electronics | Support

Hi Bryce. Thanks for the links. Yes, I have had a look at these, however they reference connecting to the GPIO using a custom power button. I have the in-line usb-c power adapter which I am unable to find any scripts for :slight_smile:

Maybe creating my own on/of switch may be the way to go!

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The inline power switches just mean you don’t have keep connecting/disconnecting the cable. They don’t have any means of setting up “smart” power on/off, other than the smarts between the ears… :grin:

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