D3 Kit-A comprehensive kit for education (KIT0013)

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Dream, Design, Deliver; D^3 suite is a comprehensive set for robotics exploration and education.

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I’m looking into buying the D3 Kit -A for education purposes e.g., teaching IoT, Robotics, etc. according to the new HSC Syllabus. The question is, using the components of this Kit, do you have an IoT example / project where you can control / access ‘things’ (IP accessed devices) through the Internet using a comms shield on Arduino? If so, could you please confirm and send me some information? Regards,

Fernando Pinget, Teacher, Macquarie Fields HS

Hey Fernando,

Thanks for checking in. Is the HSC Syllabus publically available - can you link me to it so I can explore this more for you?

​Hi Graham,

The new syllabus for years 11-12 Software Engineering (now called Software Design and Development) will run from 2021 (Year 11) and 2022 (year 12); however planning starts now.

I have attached the proposal for the new syllabus - more likely to run with small modifications, which will include:

Mechatronics, Control Systems and IoT as far as what is connected to Arduino (or any other platform available, Arduino is my preferred platform though, as it uses C++ which along with Python and JavaScripting, is part of the Syllabus). All these topics will
be included in Years 9-19 Enterprise Computing (replacing Information and Software Technology).


Fernando Pinget

Macquarie Fields HS

software-engineering-stage-6-2019-draft-syllabus-for-consultation.pdf (1.11 MB)

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