DC-DC Charge Discharge Integrated Module (5V/2A) (DFR1026)

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This is 5V/2A charge-discharge integrated module with battery protection can boost 3.7V/4.2V lithium batteries to 5V…

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I am very happy with the product but I don’t understand why it switch off after 30s. Need to push the key button to switch on. Do you have any advices for that ? I use this with a bluetooth audio receiver MH-M38 from you video. thank you so much !

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Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’ve tested this battery module with that receiver, and didn’t see issues, so we’ll have to do some digging on this one! I can see conflicting info from the manufacturer:


A short-term fix would be to mount a resistor on the output of the module to trick it into being on all the time. This is a bit counterproductive as it will drain the battery though :frowning:

I’ve made a note to pull one of these out and see when it shuts off. We’ll update the product page accordingly.