DC motor as a Generator

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a DC motor to use as a generator in my research project for a vertical-axis wind turbine.
The average speed of the VAWT’s rotor is 300 RPM and could be more. The generated torque is from 1.2 to 10 Nm.
I want the motor power capacity to be from 250 W to 1000W, and the motor needs to have an encoder to measure the speed and position.

Can you please recommend any motor?


Hi Jawad
What is wrong with a generator. It is true that a brushed motor will become a generator when driven but not as efficient as a purpose built genetator

Power wise you will get whatever 1.2 to 10Nm will give you. I am sure there will be some math around to convert torque to horsepower to watts somewhere. Way above my pay scale. But I do know that if you have got a generator which will deliver 1000W and you are unable to turn it at that load your 1000W becomes a non event. If your torque can’t turn the generator at the required load you need to find something that will.
Cheers Bob
Ps you have not advised of any voltage requirement.

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Hi Jawad,

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While you can use a motor as a generator and vice versa they are normally only designed and optimised around one application so you may find that a motor used as a generator performs poorly.

250 to 1000 Watts is well and truly above the power rating of any of the motors we sell. We’re more focussed on STEM educator and DIY hobby projects than power generation and industrial use motors.

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Hi Robert,
Thank you for your reply.
I think a brushless motor can be a generator too, and I prefer the brushless one, I do not want it to be 100% efficient, to be honest. Even less than 1000 W would be okay, I am thinking of a motor from 250 to 500 W. the voltage for the motor could be from 5-48DCV.