Scale Wind Turbine support

I am doing a project with my 5/6 class to create mini functional wind turbines to power a scale community.

I am looking for motors that can, when spun anti-clockwise, create a current that charges a battery.

What motors can I use?

I will be 3D printing the blades.

Hi Leo,

A typical motor will generate voltage equivalent to its rated power when spun in reverse at the rated RPM. For example, a 12V 2800RPM motor will generate 12V when spun at 2800RPM in reverse.

There are a couple things that you will want to take into consideration. Voltage is determined by motor spin speed, but when you apply a load the motor becomes harder to spin.

This motor will generate about 1V when spun backwards (if no gears are used):

With something like this you would be able to generate more voltage but it will be higher resistance to turn the fan.

The power produced will be irregular so you will need to smooth it out for the battery.

Then you could use something like this to charge the battery and power something at the same time:

Hopefully that gets you started! Let me know if you have further questions!