DC Motor connected to Fishing Reel


I am doing research into an idea I had. I would like to be able to connect a DC motor to an overhead fishing reel and operate it with Arduino. I would like to be able to measure the RPM of the DC motor to determine and set the speed that the line is reeled in, and I would also like to try have a way to measure the force being applied by a load connected to the line. For example, I was considering attaching a pulley to a load cell and running the line through that to determine the force and be able to measure it digitally and compare it to the speed of the fishing line. I have little background in electronics and was wondering if this would be feasible and if so what products do you recommend for this project? I was thinking a low rpm high torque geared encoder DC motor or a stepper motor? Any advice is appreciated.


Hi Bob,

A Stepper motor seems like it would be a good option, since you would be able to know exactly how far it had turned. You would likely need a way to determine when the line had been fully reeled in though, and if you are after big fish, then you would need a gearbox or a high torque motor. Stepper motors are not that fast though.

Check out these tutorials to help you out: