DFROBOT - 16 bit ADC Module


Hi, I have a question about the DFROBOT - 16 bit ADC Module.
I want to connect a 0-3VDC voltage level to the A0 anologue input. I’m confused as to what pins to use, the choice is are +, - and A. Any ideas?

Hi Graeme,

Glad to see you posting again :slight_smile:

The positive and negative pins are for powering a sensor (e.g. a potentiometer). They are wired to Ground and VDD of the ADC board, respectively. The A row (A0-A3) is for your signal voltage (e.g. a potentiometer wiper).

In this case you should connect the ground of your 0-3V signal to a negative terminal, and your signal voltage to the A terminal. You don’t need to connect anything to the + terminal if your signal is creating its own voltage.

You can see the schematic here:

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