DFRobot Raspberry Pi UPS HAT on a Pi Micro

While I am waiting for my Pi 4 (HURRY UP :wink: Any news? ), is it possible to use a DFRobot Raspberry Pi UPS HAT on a Pi Micro for testing purposes?


I’m unfamiliar with Pi Micro, but the DFRobot Raspberry Pi UPS HAT is designed to suit the ‘full size’ Raspberry Pi B/B+/2B/3B/3B+ and subsequent versions.

Orders for the Raspberry Pi 4’s are being fulfilled and shipped as soon as possible. You can view the estimated dispatch dates within the order management screens once logged into your account on our website, or on your tax invoice.

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There’s a caveat to that - the POE pins get in the way on 3B+ and 4, There are two workarounds on the UPS HAT product description.

OK, to answer my own question: I found this on the DFRobot UPS wiki page: “Raspberry Pi, compatible with Pi 2/3/A+/ZERO/ZERO W(not support Raspberry Pi 3B+)”

So, all is well; I can also read the status data via I2C.

One disappointing thing is that there is no direct way of determining whether the mains power is connected. The only way I’ve thought of is to monitor the charge level.

But there is one interesting problem: If I shut down the Pi with the Linux poweroff command, how do I get the Pi to boot back up?

What I did was to disconnect the mains and the battery. Clumsy!

If there is no more elegant way, then I’ll have to neuter the poweroff command.