Raspberry Pi B+ UPS HAT (v1.0) not working


I am trying to use the UPS HAT as a UPS (obviously) but I’m having a couple of problems.

  1. Connecting the HAT with a fully charged battery (all five leds lit) the pi is running fine, but removing the power supply to the HAT switches the power off to the Pi after about 30 seconds.

  2. The Pi does not see the HAT

I don’t know if the 2 issues are related. I’m sort of wondering, if the HAT ‘needs’ to chat with the Pi to keep power to it. (I wouldn’t have thought so but it’s a possibility) and it’s shutting it down because it cannot.

This is a PI B+ (supported) I have also tried this with a PI Zero and get the same results.
I have an 8gb card in the Pi B+
it’s a Fresh image ‘2019-04-08-raspbian-stretch-lite.img’
I have Enabled SSH, I2C and SPI
sudo apt-get install i2c-tools
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
lsmod - results in

i2cdetect - y 1 (0 noes not exist) results in

The power supply is 2a so that should be fine.

Need some help to get this working.