Difference between between the PiicoDev MPU6050 and LIS3DH

Hi team! When the PiicoDev MPU6050 was retired and there was no substitute available from CE I managed to acquire one elsewhere. I see it has been now replaced by the LIS3DH and I was wondering if there are any differences between the two products.

Is the LIS3DH any better? I’m mostly interested in using an accelerometer/motion sensor for tap (and double-tap) detection.



Hi Steven,

Other than the obvious change in the chipset being used there arent too many other differences!
The MPU6050 is a Maker favourite accelerometer and is super widely used - though the silicon shortage made it super hard to come by.

A majority of the specificications are the same, both feature 2,4,8, 16g ranges with a refresh rate up to 200Hz.

However, there are some bonuses of the LIS3DH if you take a trawl through the datasheet for the IC the tap and other functions are actually part of the silicon! With direct registers providing the output.
Whereas the MPU-6050 would require the microcontroller to interpret those measurements.

We’re keen to see what you come up with!


Does LIS3DH support as same arduino library as MPU6050? Or it needs a different library?

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Hi Tepalia,

At a glance they use different addresses so you’ll have to use a different library - though I imagine the register maps are completely different.