Digital Bluetooth Power Amplifier (50W*2) (DFR0793)

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DIY your favorite Speakers with this digital Bluetooth Power Amplifier! This board integrates Bluetooth 5.0, TF card and U-disk, and features 50W output power and … read more

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What AMP IC does this board use? I cant find it noted anywhere?

Hi Dean,

Sorry for the delay! We’ll get some photos from the scope for you tomorrow.

Actually sorry, we don’t have any on shelf at the moment. When one comes in we’ll take a look for you - I’ve made a note for our logistics team to bring us one when they arrive :slight_smile:

Hey Dean,

Welcome to the forum :partying_face:

So we currently don’t have one on the shelf here in the warehouse at the moment. However, I’ll get a link over to the DFRobot forum for you, from there you should be able to create a post over there to determine the AMP IC that the board uses before it comes back into stock here. If there’s anything else that we can do for you please let us know, all the best with your project!