Bluetooth 4.2 Audio Receiver Board-with an Amplifier (2x5W) (DFR0720)

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“Bluetooth 4.2 Audio Receiver Board-with an Amplifier (2x5W)”

This is a small size and cost-effective Bluetooth 4.2 Audio Receiver module with dual 5W power amplifier circuits. It supports auto-reconnect and can be powered … read more

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I connected 2 small speaker to the above board. Power supply is through the micro usb. When powering up the blue light flashes and the speaker emit an awful sound with every flash. The unit is not detected as bluetooth device. What do I do wrong?

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Hi B,


Which speakers did you have connected?
If the impedance or wattage is too low then they can saturate causing that awful sound.

I’d say the Bluetooth not appearing is due to there not being enough power (if your impedance is reduced more current will have to be sourced and if the supply isnt capable of delivering that power the
Bluetooth radio might be the first to go!)