Digital Temperature & humidity sensor (With Stainless Steel Probe) (SEN0148)

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This is an anti-rust, robust and precise SHT1x sensor, which can master enterprise-class and industrial-level applications.

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I was wondering if you might have the coding for this sensor? i will be using a mega2560 board, also i was wondering if i can wire multiple sensors ?

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HI Kaan,

I think we spoke earlier on the phone about this. The best way forward as I mentioned would be to use an Arduino and follow our Arduino tutorials on how to get started and how to use some of the basic functionality of the Arduino boards.

Hi @kaan,

The best resource for this product would be the DFRobot WIki

Be careful using these in a condensing environment. The sintered filter can take quite a while to dry out if water condenses on it.

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