Door bell light

hello I was told by Trent from customer support the product I’m looking for hasn’t got a working package yet and to post my idea here and someone might be able to help me out.

ok I am looking for a door bell that doesn’t make sound but admits a light when pressed not just a dull little light that ya cant really notice either.
I’m talking bout a police siren light that will light up the whole room when its pressed type of light.
see I’m on my computer most days at home by myself working. And with the head phones on plus my already very poor hearing I need to have the headphones up a bit louder then usual.
I do not hear the door at all and I miss important visitors.

can someone help me out ?


Hi Robert,

Welcome to the forum!!

Sounds like an awesome project!
To get this project from an idea into reality you’ll have to do some making, but if you have any questions we’re here to help!!
I’d definitely check out this project that Matt made by hardware hacking a doorbell:

After the button is pressed you might want to keep your lights on a bit longer, changing Matt’s code around a bit will let you hold a signal for a bit longer.

As for lighting options and how to control them:


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