Additional Doorbell Receiver

Hi all,

I have a wireless doorbell with 2 included receivers and would like to add a third receiver that would be attached to a Raspberry Pi, what would be the best way to approach this? I’ve come across this kit, would it be compatible for this application? The working frequency of the doorbell is 433.92MHz±280KHz. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi Beef,

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Adding a receiver might not be as clear cut as you think.
I’ll help break down the steps and get you pointed in the right direction! :smiley:

We should first break this project down into a few parts:

I would first do some digging online to see if anyone else has attempted a project like this.

  • Figuring out what kind of signal the doorbell is sending

Best practice would be, take apart the transmitter, figuring out what each of the components on the PCB does (the transmitters input is the main one we’re after)
Measuring the input from the transmitter using an oscilloscope (you could probably find one at a local Makerspace).
You could skip the above step and try to find the transmitters signal through trial and error.

  • Finding the signal

From there you have to start searching for the transmitters frequency, using the potentiometer on the link kit should allow you to search a few close frequencies to 433 MHz (double-check that your transmitter is using KHz instead of MHz as 433MHz is a reserved band for low power systems) to try and tune in on the transmitter.
Taking the output from the kit should be as simple as reading the digital output from the receiver board.

I probably have left out a few key sections, would greatly appreciate anyone jumping in!!

Let us know how you go!