DS18B20 help needed

Hi, I just received my Terminal sensor adapter V2.0 and found it has a 10k pull up i was going to use it with a DS18B20 and use it over the 1-wire interface? How do i work around this as i need to connect the probe asap, my knowledge is very basic, any help would be great.

Hi Rebecca,
So you’re just looking to get the DS18B20 going? A bit more info about your project might help, what platform are you using it with? If you check out this tutorial, you can see how you can connect the DS18B20, whilst it’s using a Raspberry Pi in that example, the same configuration will work with any platform.

Hi Sam i have Terminal Sensor Adapter V2.0 and it has a 10k resistor in built is their any way i can adapt this to replace the 4.7 k resistor so i can get it to read on the uno

Hi Rebecca,

That should be fine, you can connect the DS18 to that board, then use the appropriate cable to go from the board to your Arduino Uno. All you need is the resistor between the data wire and the voltage supply wire. You can use a standalone resistor to do this on a breadboard, or use the adapter board that you have. All the adapter board is, is two sockets, with that resistor in between.