Ds18b20 sensor to 2 wire thermostat


I have a Senztek AlphaStat digital thermostat controller. Sensor probe keeps failing in the dry well because moisture build up in the dry well.

I came across your website and interested in ds18b20 waterproof sensor probe. The sensor probe comes with 3 wire connections while my thermostat has 2 wire connection. Which 2 wire from your sensor probe to connect to my thermostat 2 wire connection?

Spec from thermostat:
Display Range -20~+139°C [-4~+282°F]
Control Range -40~+150°C [-40~+302°F]
PVC Sensor (tank and inlet) -40~+105°C [-40~+221°F]; 4mm [0.16 inch] Diameter, UV
Teflon Sensor (roof) -40~+250°C [-40~+482°F] peak; 4mm [0.16 inch] Diameter, UV
Accuracy +/-1°C @ 25°C; +/-1.8°F @ 77°F


Thank you.

Hi Peter,

It sounds like your sensor is analog rather than digital like the DS18B20. These sensors will not be compatible with one another. You need one of these:

I should clarify that this sensor MIGHT work. I really have no way of knowing for sure. There is not enough information in the manual for me to know. All I’ve got to go off is that the one that came out has just two wires, so it’s probably analog like this one.

Hi Stephen,

Thank you! I’ll get one to try. The website shows that this temperature sensor is not in stock. Do you have an alternative product?

Thank you.

We don’t have any alternatives in stock. I’d recommend signing up to be notified when this one comes back in stock!