Dual weather station with arduino?

Hi I’d like to make a basic weather station which

  1. Base station measures temp and humidity in the room
  2. Remote (outstide) temp and humidity sensor connected to base station via wifi,
  3. Display output on a small color TFT to easily distinguish inside vs outside data.
  4. Ideally base station (hopefully) and remote station (must) run from a battery.

Are you able to point me in the right direction please? All assistance appreciated.
I am an arduino novice but can follow instructions no problem :slight_smile:

I originally found you via this older video

Thank you.


If you want base station and remote unit to be connected via wifi, you’d better choose ESP32. Two ESP32 must be assigned for inside and outside. Adafruit ESP32-S3 TFT Feather can be a good choice. Because those have in-built TFT displays.


Hi Michael,

Welcome to the forum!!

@tepalia02203352 has you off to a great start, the ESP32’s are awesome boards, thanks for jumping in!

Alongside WiFi there’s a protocol called ESP-NOW(it doesnt use a WiFi access point as such and the 2 boards communicate directly), this guide should get you off to a good start: ESP-NOW Two-Way Communication Between ESP32 Boards | Random Nerd Tutorials

Otherwise, I’d consider using the Pico W, there arent as many guides for them since they have just been released in Aus, but connecting to WiFi is covered! Check out Michaels guide: WiFi Garage Door Controller with Raspberry Pi Pico W - Tutorial Australia