EEZYbotARM Arduino control

I am attempting to control the EZY bot arm with an Arduino UNO, which in its self seems straightforward.
A link to the project is below. I have already printed and assembled the arm, and am now looking at the electronics.

My question is, do I need a separate shield to drive the 4 stepper motors, or will the UNO be able to manage.
The 4 motors are:

  • 3 - MG946R Metal Gear Digital Torque Servos
  • 1 - SG90 SERVO
    If I need a separate shield(s) what model is most economical?
    I am attempting this as a project for students at a school and want to work through the parts and issues before asking them to manufacture and program this. The cost will be a factor for us as we would be making multiple kits with a class of students.
    Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Guy,

Sounds like a great project underway! I’m curious, have you already built the arm and if so, how did things go on that side?

I’ve gone through the Instructable and I’m confident that the Adafruit Servo Shield would work well for this. However, the MG946R is normally a continuous (360º) servo, so those would likely need to be replaced with normal (non-countinous) servos.

You’ll need to use an external power supply, I think this will work fine given the servo’s in use (the lead would need to be modified, to screw into the terminal board; very easy and normal DIY stuff):

For the servo shield, example code, wiring and tips can be found in this guide with particular attention to the section “Powering Servos / PWM”.

Thanks for the reply,
3D printing and assembly of the arm went well, no real problems at all.
I will place an order for the 16-channel servo shield today.

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