Servo and Adafruit Motor/Stepper Shield

How do I power and code a Servo - Generic High Torque Full Rotation (Standard Size) - through a Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino on an Uno R3 (Arduino-Compatible)?

Hi James,

As far as controlling the servo goes, I’d recommend taking a look at our tutorial for using servo motors with Arduino:

Depending on how much current your servo draws (it’ll be on the servo page), you may need to use a power pack supply rather than USB. The best option would be a 12V supply that you can power the Arduino with via the barrel jack.

Thank you. Do I plug the power pack into the Adafruit? As previously I tried a 9V battery

A 9V battery isn’t a good option as it has quite a high internal resistance. This means that it can’t deliver much current. The Adafruti shield draws power from the main Arduino board, so you can just power it from there provided you’re only drawing ~1A. Anything more than that and I would recommend power the shield directly.

Will this work to power 4 servos on the Adafruit shield? If so, where do I plug it into?

Hi James,

That will be plenty. There are power connection terminals on the shield, your I’d suggest just using the barrel jack on the Arduino.

I tried to use the barrell back on my Arduino Uno - the servo didn’t move, despite the fact that I uploaded the code. I am using the following servo: Servo - Generic High Torque Full Rotation (Standard Size) -

Did you change the code to match the pin that you’re using? That code is a general guide, you may need to make adjustments to it.

Hi @James53580,