Electric Heating Pad - 10cm x 5cm (ADA1481)

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This is hot! Literally! Apply 5-12VDC and the stainless steel fibers in this heating fabric will warm up, creating a little heating pad. On one hand, it’s just a … read more

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Hi im trying to heat a 4 cubic meter space at 80 to 90 per cent humidity usind dc solar power would this heater be suitable or would ineed to get something that iswater proof

Hi Elizabeth,

This heater will likely be much too small to heat a 4 cubic meter space. It is just 10cm x 5cm!

I am looking at heating a composting toilet in my caravan by building a special base plate to accommodate two of your 100x50 heat pads wired in series. The power supply is 13.6 volts. So I have two questions:

  1. On my rough sums they should reach around 63 degrees. Does that sound about right?
  2. What is the insulation material on the supply wiring that comes with the pads? Will I have to replace it with high temperature wiring?
    Best regards

Could this product be powered through a dimmer switch to control the heat output?

Checkout this past forum post:

I assume you mean PWM? Dimmer switchers are normally thyristors - they’ll only work with AC, and most of them are mains voltage. This heating pad is intended for very low DC voltage, though you could equally power it with very low voltage AC - it’s just a bit tricky to obtain that.

See this great video: