Micro heater

I am looking for a very small size heather plate and its temperature micro controller.

We actually need two micro heather plates with size of 8 and 6 millimetre in diameter and their temperature micro controller to set temperature for 62 C and 37 C in two different micro chamber.

I actually found your product “EeonTex High-Conductivity Heater Fabric - NW170-PI-20” and I was wondering if we could use this for our purpose?

I would really appreciate it if you could give me your advice about this and any product that would be appropriate for our purpose.

Hi Meysam,

Sorry for the delay!

Regarding the heating, we don’t have any micro heaters. That fabric might work for the heater, but it’s probably not ideal as you’re only going to be able to get a combined toral of 9W of heat absolute max. Given the small area available for heating even with good insulation you’re going to require a relatively high power density (read high temperature) heater to keep up with heat loss over the surface area of the whole chamber.

The AP Monitor Temp Control Lab uses TIP31C transistor heaters, which you might like to look into: http://apmonitor.com/pdc/index.php/Main/TCLabActuator

I’d suggest looking into using a power resistor as a heater, or perhaps a Peltier cooler (these are a solid state heat pump). Alternatively you could try looking into platinum heaters/heating wire.

As for the temperature control, I’d suggest looking into the Arduino PID library, and using a thermocouple or generic temperature sensor (depending on your accuracy and reliability requirements).

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