Electrical Relay Wiring Problems

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I am trying to repair the mess the prior owner made of the engine cooling fan system. At the front of the engine bay on the left side there is a panel of relays that from Steve’s maintenance tips I have identified as the fuel supply pump relay, the ECU relay and the radiator fan high/low relays. The prior owner of my vehicle must have been trying to diagnose a cooling fan problem without reading though this forum. What he did is totally remove the fuel pump relay socket. It must have broken off when he was replacing a relay I can only guess. With the wires pulled out of the socket he clipped them directly to the bottom of the relay and taped it to bracket so it didn’t jiggle around.

I fixed it myself according to Common Relay Wiring with Diagrams Overview, but I failed. So I am going to replace the relay socket and repair all of this back to factory. I have already made arrangements to get a new socket and as long as they don’t fall through it should arrive in a few weeks. The issue I have is that when I pulled the relay off of these wires to replace the socket, I didn’t look at which tabs they slid onto at the bottom of the relay. My bad, I was just frustrated when I was working on it as there was a whole litany of other wiring snafus the prior owner had made and I just didn’t think to take a photo in the moment.

If anyone has a photo or can tell me which wire colors go to which tabs on the relay it would really help. I’m sorry, I can’t find where to attache some pictures to assist with what I am talking about.

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It might help if forum contributors had some idea of the make of car.
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To attach pics, drag and drop into the edit space.
Pics of relay and wires and socket would help greatly.


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