Electronic upgarde


We are after some help to upgrade from mechanical to electronic
Jtagz run hot foil stamping machines and would like to change to using stepper motors, controller etc to move our chain. I have attached some photos.


Hi Garry.Well, that seems like a major undertaking.
It seems like a pretty big ask to attempt this remotely via any forum.
For a start you would have to know EXACTLY what that machine does and just as importantly how it does it.
Could be a job for a PLC and lots of sensors. Decision on what approach to use would have to be made after a fair bit of study and consultation.
Good luck with it. Hopefully there is someone out there who knows enough about it.
Cheers Bob

Thanks Bob

Someone might be able to suggest a kit i could use from the stepper motor through to controller panel, we can engineer to fit, just need all the gear and i can get it wired.