New video by Michael; The Factory | Testing Our HUGE LED Matrix

New video! The new revision of our GlowBit 8x8 matrix is in and to test it out we made a 3x3 tiling - that’s 576 LEDs, capable of drawing 18 Amps! Until we sort out a higher current supply we’ll just have to make do with a couple of (still blinding) test patterns driven from a Raspberry Pi Pico.

There’s also a preview of a new tileable design we’re working on for making more abstract shapes, and we show off a new motor driver board.

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    This video can also be viewed here


    Great video Michael, Ive not had anything to do with motor drivers yet but Im sure the time will come.
    As for the LED building blocks, love the design and ease of the assembly, just thinking that perhaps rather than a triangle perhaps a Hexagon may be the answer. Geometrically a Hex can pretty much do anything. Just a thought.

    Great effort, I’m evious of your work place !



    “Fact checked”.