Extruder 50mm Fan (FIT0240)

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This is a 50mm cooling fan. It is powered by simple 2 wires (±) . It features a double ball bearing which makes it running quietly and durable. It can not only be applied in 3D printer excuder but also standard PC chassis cooling fan for RAM.

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Hi there! I’m designing a cooling system and I’m confused about the current consumption of the FIT0240 fan I bought from you. The description says it is 10mA. However, the picture you show of the fan says 0.1 A, or 100 mA. Could you please clarify it to me? Thanks, Martín.


Hey Martin,

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Good question, the fan is rated to draw up to 100mA at stall when sitting at 12V. However, at approximately Room Temperate and Pressure I found that it varies from fan to fan but hovers between 8mA to 35mA depending on airflow (i.e. whether it is pressed up against a board or out in the open) and how freely the fan spins, a quick hit of CO contact cleaner usually helps free up fans if they’re starting to get sticky.