Metal DC Geared Motor - 12V 50RPM (FIT0492-A)

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This is a metal DC geared motor, 100% pure copper coils, high-density molecular layer, 100:1 metal reducer, small size, large torque. The maximum torque could arrive 50, stable and durable!

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Hi, I’m currently looking at your metal dc geared motor - 12v 50RPM, I was wondering if I was able to ask a couple of questions, I’m purely copying and pasting what I have been told to ask haha.

Can you investigate how much weight The drive cog can carry on a downward force if it was topmounted. See if you can find datasheets for the motors or specifications etc.

Appreciate your time
Cooper smith

You can google this item to find out a lot of detail, although some translation might be required. For example:
12v/ 24v 10w Xd-37gb520 Miniature Dc Geared Motor Low Speed High Torque Can Be Positive And Negative Rotation Electric Tools - Dc Motor - AliExpress
That table provides the torque figures. To calculate the weight that it can lift you need to know the diameter of your cog.