Face Recognition With Raspberry Pi and Mimic3


Great article on face recognition With Raspberry Pi (30 March 2022). As a true beginner working with Raspberry Pi and Python I was able to install OpenCV and get my face recognition system up and running. Much thanks for your time and knowledge.

Whats next…

I am looking to install Mimic3 onto the same system. My goal is to have the system respond to the person it identifies with speech.

Example: The system recognizes Johnny’s face and replies with “Hi Johnny, how are you doing?” My initial thought would be to construct a database of information for each person I have scanned to where a brief on going conversation could be conducted between the person identified and the computer.

Could you point me to any information on how that would be coded?

Thank you,

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Hey BJ,

I love the project idea!
I had a quick read through the documentation for Mimic3 and it looks really interesting, I just have a bit of concern regarding the ability of the Pi 4 to be able to run both facial recognition and Mimic3.
I am sure there may be someone more experienced that may have a way of making it work though.


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Hey mate,

You can definitely get your system to speak to you. Mimic3 is a great place to get that to activate. Here is there Github to provide tips to installing it - GitHub - MycroftAI/mimic3: A fast local neural text to speech engine for Mycroft

You would really only need to replace the section where I control the Servo (from my face recognition guide) with pre-baked phrases that you have coded in. Check the Where to Now section of the guide linked here - Face Recognition With Raspberry Pi and OpenCV - Tutorial Australia

You will be off to the races in no time!

Kind regards,

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