Finding Lora Parts, 915Mhz for NZ

I am searching for 6 x Lora modules (not LoraWan or IOT) for NZ rural application. Distance less than 3km. I am quite taken with SX1262 CE08628 Lora Board with headers, and a Pico can be plugged straight in.
…BUT… examining the devices pages, it is not obvious what is, or is not included. There is a parts list (implying included) but then several of the items appear in the additional list next to it.
Yes the pico is not included, but the shipping list says :-
1x LoRa node module
1x Interface cable
1x RF antenna
1x 600mAh LiPo battery
You receive the battery, yes? but not the battery cable??? (an exercise in perversity???)
RF antenna, Yes? Is this different to the 2dB antenna in the adjacent list ($17.35)
What does AU$24.41 actually contain?

Many Thanks for reading this far

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Hi Roger,

Welcome to the forum!!

Sorry about the product page, we’ll get that updated with some photos of the battery - it does come with a lead to plug into the connector on the LoRa shield (Picoblade).

Our supplier lists this as a 2DB antenna as well though being a 1/8 wave you might not get the range that the 1/4 can output.