FiPy and Lopy4 not working in deepsleep mode

As per the specification, during deep sleep both FiPy and LoPy4 should consume around 15 Microamperes (uA) but I am not getting current in Microamperes.
Fipy with expansion board is consuming 32.81 Milliampere (mA) and lopy4 with expansion board is consuming 38 Milliampere (mA) during deep sleep.

Why it is not working in deep sleep as per specification.

Hi Ramesh,

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How did you have that one hooked up? To fully utilise the deep sleep state you have to disable some features on both the LoPy4 and expansion board, the main ones to hit would be:

  • The radio’s - WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa/Sigfox, LTE (By using machine.deepsleep() everything except for the LTE radio should be disabled according to the documentation)
  • The onboard LED’s (expansion board and onboard WS2812 use some) - removing the jumpers on the expansion board and the code pycom.heartbeat(False)

Would it be possible to send through your code? And how you were measuring the current consumption?

I’m curious where you came across that spec as well! Different ESP32 boards boast different deep sleep currents, I couldnt track down the particular one that’s used in the FiPy and LoPy boards yet.