Freetronics 9DOF IMU libraries


Does anyone know where to find the Arduino Libraries for the freetronics 9DOF IMU? It’s a little bit old and none of the links I’ve been able to find work anymore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Simon,

I did a bit of googling, it seems the IMU board you’re referring to is based on the MPU-9150 (see the schematic here: )

Sparkfun has a good article:

The arduino library for the chip is here:

This should be adaptable to the Freetronics board with a little (or maybe no!) modification. I noticed the freetronics github repo for the use with a Raspberry pi is still active so that should be good reference material too:

Hey @Oliver33

Unfortunately the richards-tech account no longer exists on GitHub, so that’s a dead end.

But yes, the chip on the board is one of InvenSense MPU-9?50 series. If you can find it in the Arduino library manager, well and good. Otherwise, try using the library from Sparkfun or anyone else that made an IMU using that series of chips.

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Whoops, my bad - posting tired after a long day! I was looking at this link: and for some reason thought that was the link to the Pi/Linux library. You’re totally right, richards-tech is gone, it’s a dead end.

Thanks folks.

Sorry for the slow reply.

I tried the playgroun arduino link and ran the INO, but it still didn’t work.

I might just try getting a newer IMU.



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