Interchangeable boards

Is the A-Star 32U4 Micro completely interchangeable for the SparkFun ProMicro. I am having problems with the latter and s 3D giro with LSMD303D etc used for an Antenna rotator. The sketch has been written by another radio ham and been published. He has helped but also said I am the only one out of over 200 that has problems.

Hi Keith,

Sounds like a fun project underway. Have you tried using the intended hardware (SparkFun ProMicro) to confirm the same? They are not drop-in replaceable units. While both use the ATmega32U4, there are minor differences all the way through to PCB layout worth considering.

Hi Graham, I am using the Sparkfun ProMicro board.and the sensor. I think the problem is with the sensor so have order another from China, only place I could find the one that the writer wrote the sketch around. I did buy a Pololu-2127 from you but that did not seem to work.