Frequency Generator Kit - FG085 (KIT-11394)

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Function generators are useful in a ton of applications from RF to embedded logic. They’re not usually super cheap though. Good news: we found a kit. The FG085 MiniDDS Function Generator is a ‘some assembly required’ kit that becomes a flexible, functional and easy to use frequency generator. Just solder the through-hole parts in place, attach the face/base plates and before you know it you’ll be generating sinewaves at frequencies up to 200KHz! But that’s only one of the tricks this thing can do. Three different operating modes allow the FG085 to generate 7 different types of continuous waveform as well as servo test and control signals in micro-second resolution.

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Comes with an easy to follow step by step instructions to assemble together. Very easy to solder. Very easy to use.

Only 2 issues so far. The 1st issue is just a minor issue. The LCD display is directly soldered rather than using some sort of connector. I have mistakenly forgotten to solder a capacitor that goes right on the other side of the LCD. As I have already soldered the LCD display, I could not easily put the missing capacitor.

Second issue. I don’t know if this is an issue at all. Or may that’s the way it is and it is an issue at all. I don’t know but frequency is not 100% stable. I set it at 100 Hz but it goes down to 99.6 Hz or something. Not sure if this is normal but the output waveform flickers just a little bit on the oscilloscope.

When assembling don’t forget to bend the BNC washer and use a bit of trimmed off component end to extend it because the washer tail is not long enough to reach the PCB.

The multi turn potentiometre is clickable as well but I am not sure what it does.

Nonetheless it is very easy to use and a great value for money.


Hi Eddie,

Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! It’s certainly no Rigol Signal Generator, although it’s very capable.

Thanks Eddie! I’m glad to hear your purchase has worked out well for you!