Gas Tank Level Reader

I have seen what looks like a Piezo to read BBQ tanks levels.
The device is installed on the bottom of the tank and captures the level with reasonable accuracy.
Does any know what that sensor could be?
The one I have found from a china made device has a diameter of 1cm and attached to red and black wires (1 of each).

It would likely just be a piezo sensor and working in the same way an ultrasonic distance sensor works. When the sound wave goes past the liquid to gas interface within the bottle a portion of the signal gets reflected. It’s picked up by the same sensor because piezo sensors convert voltage into sound and visa versa.

Being gas I would be very careful. I used to work in explosive environments with sensors and you should use an intrinsically safe circuit that intrinsically (inherently) can’t cause a spark that makes things go boom. These instruments and their circuits are very expensive and not meant for consumer use.

I always keep gas bottles in well ventilated spaces with no spark sources anywhere near them including sensors. If you want to check the level, weigh the bottle when it’s empty and when it’s full. Anywhere in between is partially full or partially empty depending on your perspective. Use a mechanical scale.

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