Getting started with your Onion Omega2/2+

Dave just shared a new tutorial: "Getting started with your Onion Omega2/2+"

This guide will cover all the steps necessary to set up the Onion Omega2 or Omega2+ for the first time.

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Hi Dave, great tutorial but I can’t get past the point of connecting to my local wifi. Have tried in windows, have tired in Ubuntu via the command line and the Omega2+ can see my local network but will not connect to it so I cannot install the console and move forward.

My wifi router is a fairly old Netgear model which is set to use WPA encryption. I’ve spent hours on this, searched the forums and even edited the /etc/config/wireless file to no avail. I have installed the latest firmware manually and nothing works. I have two Omega2+ and various docks purchased from Core.

Any ideas?

Hi David,

We have come across this issue in our testing here as well. I’m just now publishing a guide on how to set up the omega2 without using the GUI. I think the setup process is much more stable if you don’t use the web-based GUI. The other thing to try, and I can’t stress this enough is to place the Omega2 very close to your router, preferably in the same room.

You may also want to try an external WiFi antenna such as

Here is the link to the command line based setup tutorial, we’re still editing the video for it but that should be up soon too:

Also if you have an Expansion Dock, the best way to access the command line is to plug the dock into the computer and open the USB-Serial device with a program like Putty or Zterm.

Give that a try and let me know how it goes. If you have any other questions or issues please don’t hesitate to post again.


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