Getting the makerverse 2 channel motor driver to work on the raspberry pi 5


I have two Makerverse motor drivers (2 channel) that I am trying to get working on the raspberry pi 5. I want to use these drivers to control 4 basic hobby motors with omni/mecanum wheels.

Is this an adequate way of getting the job done, or should I look at a different motor driver module?

If it can work, how do I get the makerverse library to work on the raspberry pi?
I believe that getting the makerverse library for the motor driver onto the rasp pi would be a bit different then the tutorial on this site, of which shows how to do it on the pico.

Any assistance is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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This motor driver is just a simple dual H-bridge for which there are many implementations for Raspberry Pi
eg: the RPi foundation’s robot buggy guide

The gotcha to look out for is that the Makerverse Motor Driver has In1/In2 mode and PWM/Direction mode which is selectable by a jumper.

By default it is set up as PWM/Direction mode