Gravity: Analog Water Pressure Sensor connecting to the Raspberry Pi

Is there a way of connecting the water pressure sensor to a Rasberrpy Pi?
If using a MCP3008 Analog To Digital interface the output from the interfaces to the Rasberry Pi is 5 volts.
The input to the Raspberry Pi digital input ports is only 3.3 volts.
I would assume the water pressure sensor is more designed for the Arduino.
You can run the MCP3008 interface from the power of the Raspberry Pi but once again you have to keep the voltage at 3.3 volts.
A lot of the anolog sensors have a 5 volt output which connects to a interface having a 5 volt digital output wich is to high for the Raspberry Pi of only 3.3 volts of digital input.
Is there any way around this problem ?
Core Electronics sell the sensor SKU SEN0257.
Thanks James


Hey James,

You’re on the right track with an analogue to digital converter (ADC) - your missing piece of the puzzle is a logic level converter.

A quick search on the core site for “level converter” should bring up a few options :slight_smile:


Thank you.