Guide by Tim; How to use a PiRelay HAT for Raspberry Pi - Multiple Relay Control with Voice or GUI

I have just shared content in Guides > Raspberry Pi: “How to use a PiRelay HAT for Raspberry Pi - Multiple Relay Control with Voice or GUI”

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I was reading your wonderful tutorial on the PiRelay HAT and you mention you can stack these. I would like to stack two of these modules to get eight relays.

Could you tell me what changes to the configuration/software I would need to address the additional relays in the python code?

Appreciate your help!

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Hi Michael,

Welcome to the forum!

For hardware I’d check out this 8-channel HAT: 8 Relays Card V2 for Raspberry Pi | The Pi Hut | Core Electronics Australia

To get the python code up to scratch, you’ll need to modify the tkinter page to include the extra relays (and add those functions) - chatGPT should be able to help a ton :smiley:

I had this device working, ran into problems with my Pi, and now reinstalling on a new Pi
When I came to the second line of the software instructions ( git clone GitHub - sbcshop/PiRelay-V2: PiRelay-V2 is developed by SB Components with the potential to control 4 appliances and loads up to 20V AC/ 7 A, 30V DC/ 10A to provide a way to control the high voltage/current devices.) it went bad for me. The Git people apparent have changed how to access the software and I have not been able to fathom out how. Can anybody assist me with this? Perhaps it is as easy as a different command line

I am replying to this myself bcause I don’t know how to delete it. I found the solution despite my tiring eyes. The command line insists (would you believe?) on it being typed in correctly! Where I type in “Relau”, it didn’t realise I meant “Relay”. At least this has been an experience for me