Halloween 2023

Just thought I would my 2023 Halloween Lolly/Sweet/Candy delivery system. It is the same 1 metre PVC pipe with RGD LED strip coupled with a 12v conveyor belt to drop the lollies into the tube. A Raspberry Pi Pico drive it all. BTW how upload the video?


Sooooooo sick Aidrian!
Such a fun way to drop lollies on trick or treaters :smiley:

Uploading a YouTube video is probably the easiest way to demo your amazing project!

Hey Adrian,

This is awesome, its great to see the evolution of this one!

I would love to see the video of it if you get it up on YouTube, you should be able to link or embed it then!


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Uploaded YouTube video follow this link https://youtu.be/UvmI-MZ3zp4