Harry Potter Wands


I’d love some advice on: https://babbledabbledo.com/how-to-make-a-magic-wand/

and what products you might have so I can replicate this with 72 students.

Thanks - Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,

Sorry for the delay on this one, @Tim should be able to help!

Support | Core Electronics

Hey Rebecca,

Depends initially on the age of the students. Button cell battery like this (https://core-electronics.com.au/coin-cell-battery-12-5mm-cr1220.html) would be perfect for this project but if the students are young I wouldn’t recommend using these. They are very bad for your health if they get ingested. If they are young I would recommend using AA batteries in the project.

Otherwise if they are at an age where scissors and stripping wire isn’t a problem here is a list of everything you would need to make these wands.

-wire (if each kid has 30cm worth of wire you will need 70 foot total of wire, so 3 of these)

-wire stripper (the kids can also do it with scissors)

-LEDs (all the ones you will need for this project)

-Battery Holder and Switch for Coin battery (you will need 72 of these, definitely reusable though)

You will also want masking tape as the wood for the outside of the wand and electrical tape for the wire connections. If your making this with 72 students it would definitely be easier not to introduce soldering into the process.

Nature will provide the sticks! All the best for your future classroom of spells.

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