Helicopter collective

Hi everyone I would like to make a helicopter collective for simulator games like DCS, I have a 3D printer but not sure how to do it, has anyone made one or have suggestions?
I was thinking of using the Leo boardnar board as I have no experience with Arduino
Any suggestions would be great

Hi Jason.
There are motorcycle type twist grips around which have a potentiometer in them.
I once had a golf trike, battery driven with such a speed control. I have no idea off the top of my head where you would find one of these but if you search electric vehicles you may find this.
It may or may not suit your purpose I don’t know. That may well do the twisting bit and you will have to find a way to arrange any switches needed.
A search of flight sim enthusiasts may help also.
Cheers Bob


Thankyou I’ll check it out

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Check out the X-Sim forums and XPlane forums.

Also checkout Tom Stanton’s video:

Basically you’re going to need some type of analogue input - probably a rotary pot or encoder feeding into a microcontroller which can present as a USB HID. The go to for this is a 32u4 based dev board like a Leonardo (which has a decent joystick library for it) or a Teensy - or the Leo Bodnar board which is the easy way out if you don’t want to learn programming.

Edit: Here’s another good video, but from Element14


Awesome thanks

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Hi I’m after the following items can you provide a link to each item thanks

BOURNS Absolute Rotary Encoder, 120 rpm, 128 PPR, EAW Series or similar 1 of these

ITW SWITCHES Pushbutton Switch, Industrial, 59 Series, 13.6 mm, SPST-NO-DB, Momentary, Square Or similar I only have 2cm room so I need 2 of these but to be small in overall height

**5 Way Momentary Square SMD Tactitle Switch and 1 of these

20 of these M3x5x2 Square Nuts


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Hi Jason
You could try typing those bits into your browser and see what comes up.
If Core don’t have the parts you could well try Element 14. They have hundreds of different rotary encoders so you would have to filter to find the one you want.
Or you could go to “Element 14 Presents” and find that collective video there. You may have to sign up to get to view it there but it is free. Below that video you will find a BOM with all the Element 14 stock code numbers for all the parts used in that video.
Cheers Bob

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Thankyou I’ll try that