Help need with Doorbell relay connection?

Hi - I need some help with connecting a relay to my hard wired door bell. The switch I want to cut into is approx 3V ac and max?? 1amp. I have a 5V dc relay switch which will do the switching? however I think I require a 3Vac step up to 5V dc regulator? do you think the POLPLU-2562 would do the job?? Hope you can help Cheers Garry

Hi Garry,
From what I can see, that product is designed to be a DC-DC converter, so it may not be suitable to run off your 3vAC line. I’ll get back to you if I find something that might suit.

Thank you - I suspected it was DC to DC - So would you also sell a 3V Bridge Rectifier (ac to DC). I suspect installing the bridge rectifier between my 3V ac and the POLPLU-2562 should then work? what are your thoughts - Cheers Garry.

Hey Gary,

Yes, a rectifier should provide a DC output of 3V with some drop-off (depending on the clarity of the AC signal) which can be passed into the DC-DC converter. You can use some diodes and capacitors that we provide on a PCB that we can manufacture to a design you provide so that you can customize it, here’s a link to a tutorial to get started on it.

All the best with your project!