Help needed to design and build device for turtle conservation project

I’m looking for expert help to design and build a device that can frighten foxes away from raiding turtle nests. My concept is similar to this pigeon-scaring Rasberry Pi & Arduino project:

I am an ecologist working to protect endangered freshwater turtle populations, but I have little electronics expertise. I want to support the design and construction of a device that can be deployed on turtle nesting banks that is triggered by motion and uses AI to recognise foxes and dogs, and if the image match probability is high enough, to broadcast a loud (~100 dB) randomised noise (e.g. siren, klaxon, aggressive dog bark etc) for approx. 5 seconds, together with bright flashing lights, to scare the predator away. The device must be solar-powered and able to operate 24 hours/day over the 90 day turtle egg incubation period.

Predation of turtle nests by the introduced European red fox is the single biggest threat to endangered freshwater turtles in Australia. For further background on our endangered turtle conservation project check out these media articles:

The next turtle nesting seasons starts around 20th November 2019, and my hope is to have at least 6 alarm devices ready by 1st November to do a rigorous scientific evaluation of their effectiveness for protecting artificial ‘turtle’ nests containing supermarket chicken eggs. If the pilot is successful I plan to deploy the fox scaring devices on real turtle nesting banks this coming breeding season and to scientifically monitor their effectiveness.

I should be able to help with this. I’ll message you my contact details.

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