Project by Peter; Possumpi

I have just shared a new project: "Possumpi"

My partner wanted to assist with additional space for possums to live in as trees are being lost in the neighbourhood causing possums to move into unwanted areas. She asked me if there was any way to see if the possums were using the box we set up for them. When I said yes she was ecstatic as possums are cute and fascinating!

I chose to use a Pi as it’s easy to use and easily customisable for unique use cases. In the future this won’t just be a monitor but may do things like receive commands from the cloud, streaming to Youtube or Twitter etc. Also, the night vision camera is cool and cost effective.

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Hey Peter,

Awesome project! I’d definitely tune in you made a stream :smiley:



Hey Peter,

Nice work on this project, it really is awesome! A team and I are planning on building something very similar this in the next few months with a few adjustments and were wondering if you’d be interested in getting involved? The project is focussed on wildlife conservation!

My email is - looking forward to getting in touch.