Help with a project - Arduino

I want to create a project which will enable a car engine if a smart phone is in a secure place in the car.
I am thinking that I will have a tilt switch on the handbrake and a I will also have a box which will contain the phone ( The car driver must put the phone in the box which activates a switch which is coneected into the primary ignition circuit) .
Therefore when Hand brake is OFF AND phone is in BOX AND box is securely closed ( using a solenoid I think ) the car is enabled and can be started.
I would like to control it with Arduino components which I think will allow it to work wirelessly.
I know the very basics of Arduino and would love to know if this project is possible.

Hi Damian,

Very interesting project, I’d recommend using something that can detect whether an item with a provided Bluetooth identity is within the range of the device and then using that with some kind of electric locking mechanism or more simply just activating an alarm, as you’ll have to check the legalities in your area in regards to modification of your vehicle.

Parts such as those that I’ve linked below should be able to get you started with your project, please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

(If you can access power to the car without ignition)

Also, the information here may be useful for your project.

All the best with it!

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