Help with dream project build

Hi I’m not a Programmer…
But I’m a Electro Mechanical Fellow…

I Need Help … to build something I dreamt of all life…
I’m 50years Old 2024 March !

Please help,
Thank you,


Hi Rajiv,

You’ve picked a great time to start! I’d start with an easy, modern microcontroller like the Raspberry Pi Pico, and some simple addons to teach you the basics. Have you got a spare laptop you can use to program on?

If you have any specific questions, let us know :slight_smile:

Hi, what do you want to make exactly? You can share what’s in your mind.


I Have 2 esp32s and 2 D1 Minis

I want the D1 mini to Be Reverse Osmosis Machine
With 2 1mpa Pressure Sensors
With 1TDS Sensor through 1115 AtoD and i2c

1Temperature sensor digital in 2 Manifolds.
With a Colour GUI Screen Configurable…

One Output for Mosfet or PWM Power control for a BLDC Boost Pump
One Output for Mosfet or PWM of SV In Control
One Output for Mosfet or PWM of SV Flush Membrane Control.
One input Flow Meter to Record Water Produced
One input Flow Meter for Water Wasted

And also Communicate with The Home automation software like “Open HAB” of all its Parameters.

I’ll Make a Drawing or Illustration and Send You Before Monday…
Is it OK ?


Dream 2 I will make a Drawing by Monday…

Thank You