Hexapod build - question about solderless relay connection to the servo controller 2040 board

Hi , I am building hexapod and using beneath wire diagram. As I am new to making it I would like to ask if it is possible to connect relay to the sc2040 board without soldering it [just in case if I change my mind about it …] I am planning to use Gravity: Digital Relay Module (Arduino and Raspberry Pi Compatible).

note: I will be using raspberry pi instead of android phone

wiring diagram makeyourpet

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You could solder a strip of header pins to that side of the board and then connect using matching Dupont wires to connect to the relay. That would simplify any future changes.
Extra-long break-away 0.1 16-pin strip male header (5 pieces) | Adafruit ADA400 | Core Electronics Australia (core-electronics.com.au)
Jumper Wire 20cm Ribbon (F/F, 40pcs) | Core Electronics Australia (core-electronics.com.au)

A different option is to have the gear needed to remove soldered connections. This has the advantage of removing press-fit connections as a potential source of intermittent problems. To do this the following items would be useful:
Solder-Wick Desolder Braid 0.8mm-5ft (8015) | Core Electronics Australia (core-electronics.com.au)
Solder sucker | Adafruit ADA148 | Core Electronics Australia (core-electronics.com.au)

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thank you, your tips helps :slight_smile:

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