Converting a bench project into something real - LoPy4

Following on from my recent posts I now have a LoPy4 with 2 x waterproof DS18x20 sensors (additional soil moisture sensor still to add) connected to a 2400mAh LiPO battery via a Pycom expansion board. The code works, passes data to TTN and Node-Red is working too.

Now I need to take the collection of stuff off my Pioneers Board and put it in a box (and potentially make a few more copies) so that I can deploy it (them) into the paddock(s).

Would you normally leave the expansion board in the final solution / box, or remove it and solder the sensors to a home made shield / directly to the LoPy4? If its normal to remove the expansion board, would it be sensible to use something like a Sunny Bunny LiPo/Solar charger in place of the charger thats on the expansion board?

As I see it, the expansion board is no good for me to permanently attach the sensors to and the only other thing it is doing is providing the battery charger / supply point.

Im wondering if it would be more power friendly & easier to remove the expansion board and make my own shield that I could connect headers to and solder the DS18x20ā€™s directly to it, along with the replacement battery charger.

Connectivity to the LoPy down the road could be via the Wifi hotspot that I have not disabled.

Thoughts please guys.


Hi Jon,

Nice to hear the project is going well!

If LiPo charging is being used, then it might be worth keeping the Expansion Board as it does a good job. Minor software updates would generally be easier than Over The Air (OTA) updates.

An alternative is to use a dedicated LiPo charging module such as the PowerBoost and a 28-pin Wide ZIF Socket (not something we stock at the time of writing).

PCB Protboards are a popular choice for a long-term project. Circuits are made by soldering the pads together.

Thanks @Graham I hadnt thought of the ZIF sockets.

I have had another thought though, that is to keep the expansion board and use a protboard that sits above the LoPy4. and connects into the expansion board headers:)

Thx for the ideas!


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Great idea, it would be great if you could share the design afterward, Iā€™m sure other makers would be able to make use of something so handy!